So I started this blog a couple of weeks ago and who knew so much could change with the world in such short space of time?

I did think about not posting it and sharing my favourite loungewear, however this got me thinking about how clothes make us feel.  I’ll be honest with you whilst adjusting to life at home, I haven’t worn make up in three days and I have been wearing pretty non descriptive house clothes everyday!  I can’t say this has made me feel that good.  Well today I decided to blow dry my hair, pop on some make-up and put on some ‘happy clothes’… and I feel really great:)

Clothes evoke so many emotions and we associate different colours with different feelings.  If you think how you feel when you wear head to toe black, versus a bright colourful outfit; I could pretty much guarantee all of us would feel better in the colourful outfit.

To brighten up your day I thought we could fast forward to post isolation sunny Spring and introduce to two key shades to be seen in.

Embrace pistachio green as your go to alternative to text book pastel shades.  Think of this as your new neutral for the season ahead.  Pistachio looks great with all pastel shades.  Update your Spring style with high waisted pistachio tailored trousers, teamed with a light weight cropped pink Spring knit for a super stylish look.

My favourite new shade is mellow buttery yellow… this is my go to happy colour of the moment.  Its such a versatile shade and looks particularly great on fair haired ladies.  Team with pale blue denim and your on to a winning combo!

These two sorbet shades are a sure way to brighten up your days and add some freshness to your Spring wardrobe.  

I honestly believe there is no reason why we can’t start building our Spring wardrobes right now. Many shops have amazing on line discounts and it’s healthy to have something look forward to! How amazing will it feel when this ‘carona chaos’ is over and we can actually go out and wear super stylish Spring clothes!?

I can confer that Zara and Mango both have some fantastic options for both shades!

What is your go to happy colour?

Keep safe,  keep stylish…

Sally x

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  1. Fiona Kidd

    Looks beautiful yes I’m gonna get myself dressed and make up on this morning and get fit so I can look fabulous in these gorgeous new colours xx


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