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Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but still nothing to wear? Maybe you feel like you’ve lost your personal style.

Shop & Style

Has shopping become more stressful than successful? Do you find yourself armed with items but lacking in outfits?

Total Revamp

Enjoy the ultimate personal styling experience by combining the Wardrobe Reboot and the Shop & Style.


Immerse yourself in all things fashion, this blog is a destination to help you discover what to shop, where to shop and how to wear it.

About Me

Anyone who knows me would agree that my passion has always been fashion (excuse the rhyme), so a degree in fashion design was the obvious route. A long career as a buyer then saw me channeling my creativity further and becoming fully absorbed in the world of commercial fashion and all that goes with it.

If you're feeling a bit stuck in a style rut

or you’re not wearing a whole load of clothes in your wardrobe – I would recommend a session with Sally without hesitation. I found it cathartic and it’s really put a spring back in my step. She respected my own style (eclectic!) and helped me to build on this by evaluating shapes and colours that suit me, identifying a few that really don’t and encouraging me to consider where the gaps are in my wardrobe (turns out I have almost no jackets) before I make any purchases.

Gail, 57

Since having my two children I had lost interest in fashion

My personal style and needed some inspiration. I cant thank Sally enough for the help she has given me! She understood what would work best and has given me the confidence to be more adventurous with my style, without having to change my entire look. She also has great style which made me feel confident in what she was choosing for me!  I  now have a refreshed capsule wardrobe.  I cant recommend her enough!

Gemma, 40

Thanks Sally for my wonderful new wardrobe

I now not only have random items but many lovely outfits that all work together and really feel like me.  Sally made the whole experience so enjoyable that I have rediscovered my love for shopping. Every time I open my wardrobe door I now have a little smile to myself.  When can we go shopping again?

Sarah, 42

Sally, a HUGE thank you for the wardrobe revamp and the personal shopping days we recently had together.

My wardrobe has been transformed! Every day, I now enjoy choosing my clothes. I have learnt so much – how to put entire outfits together, different ways I can wear the same clothes and accessories, how to shop with focus, how to dress to showcase my body shape , and which colours I should either seek out or avoid. I have developed my style so it not only suits with my lifestyle, but on a deeper level it also expresses my personality. I’ve had so many compliments – Sally made me feel a million dollars and you now have a client for life!

Heidi, 42

I had two great sessions with Sally recently

Sally totally re-vamped my wardrobe, encouraging me to get rid of a number of items she explained why they did not suit me so it made it much easier to let them go. Sally left me with a great help sheet detailing some reminders and some ideas of items to buy. A few days later we met in Birmingham and I had an amazing time shopping. Yes I did shop till I dropped but love everything I bought. Everything seemed to suit me so well and many items I would never have found if I was by myself.

I have changed my look for work, going out and just being casual. Can’t wait to sort out my summer wardrobe next year.

Carolyn, 49

Sally and I arranged a wardrobe consultation and a shopping trip for AW18

The wardrobe consultation was really helpful to find the gaps in my wardrobe before our shopping trip. Sally was brilliant and arrived into my home with a really positive attitude and bags of energy to get through the clear out. I got loads of ideas on how to wear the clothes I already have. The shopping trip felt really easy, Sally had already done the research of where we needed to go and what to try, so again was a really positive and productive experience!

Thank you Sally, I love my new clothes and feel really confident, comfortable and current! All for a realistic price to suit my budget.

Katie, 39

My experience with Sally was absolutely UNREAL!

Well what I can I say… From start to finish my time with Sally was incredible! Having not long had two kids, my aim for our shopping trip was to get casual day wear and going to the pub outfits. Shopping was stress free, enjoyable and she made me feel completely at ease. The whole styling experience was pleasurable and extremely successful.
I am delighted to say that during the last 6 weeks I have had so many compliments that I feel on cloud 9 lol, and it is all down to this gorgeous lady. I’ll be booking her up for Spring time, I can’t wait!

Fiona, 37

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