So over the last couple of weeks there has definitely been a feeling of Spring in the air, with the birds cheeping and finally now those lighter evenings.   Most shops have had their first ‘Spring drop’ of clothes and it’s my favourite time of the year to shop.

So when its not quite summer and there is still a nip in the air, it can be an awkward time to dress.  I have a couple of winning combinations that work perfectly for this time of year…

My first winning combo is:

Jeans + Long Sleeved Blouse + Heels OR Trainers

This is such a chic look to achieve.  Think straight leg jeans or MOM fit; both are slightly more stylish than skinnies and they look best cropped at the ankle.  Team with a printed blouse and a sling back heel for that perfect Spring vibe. For those April showers simply throw a beige mac over your shoulders (yes the Mac is back!).

My second winning combo is:

Midi skirt+ Chunky Knit + Heels OR Trainers

This is such an effortless day to night look by easily swapping trainers for strappy sandals.  When it comes to the strappy sandals… think Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and The City) square toed-micro heeled- 90’s strappies!!!  (Yasssss… if only had kept all mine! ) As for the skirt…its midi all the way; either pleated or a slip style.

These combos are so versatile and easy to follow; perfect for creating an effortless Spring capsule wardrobe!

Any questions on how to rock yours or if you would like help in how to achieve this look. .. let me know,

Sally x



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